Obstetrics & Gynecology Memebership

Your membership is your golden ticket to our Obstetrics & Gynecology Courses.
become a member now and enjoy up to 50% off on all of our courses.
which includes:
-Infertility from A to Z
Watch free lecture now: https://ima-edu.org/lesson/new-lesson-125/

-Introduction to Basic Laparoscopy
Watch free lecture now: https://ima-edu.org/lesson/new-lesson-187/

-Basic Urogynecology Course:
Watch the free lecture now: https://ima-edu.org/lesson/new-lesson-238/

-Aesthetic Gynecology Course:
Watch the free Lecture now: https://ima-edu.org/lesson/new-lesson-10/

and for the 1st time :
Personality Disorders and Its Clinical Implications Course, which allows you to understand your patient and how to deal with them.
1st lecture is for free:


one year plan

SALE 1,174$ 587$
1 year of access

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