Dentistry Membership

Dentistry membership is your golden ticket to master your dental profession.
11 courses brought to you by the best instructors in the field to give you all knowledge and experience you are looking for.

Become a member now and get the best of bundle privileges, with one-year access to all dental course and a discount of up to 50%
those courses are:
– Digital Smile Design
– Prep-less Veneer
– Dental Veneer
– Implant Crown Down
– Bit by Bit Restorative Posterior Composite
– LASER in Dentistry
– Dental Photography
– Bypass Like a Boss
– Immediate Implant and Sinus Floor Elevation
– CBCT: Your Gate to Accuracy

– Dental Quality Management

Stay tuned for more courses to be published soon…

one year plan

SALE 228$ 65$
1 year of access

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